Dorchester United Church

Our Christian community of Rodney and Dorchester United Churches are much aware of the ill health of our dear friend, Larry Schneider. Prayers for our friend Larry are much on our minds and hearts. So we are inviting all of you to engage in prayer for the healing and health and new life for Larry, mindful that Christ is the 'Great Physician and Healer'.

Let us all offer our own silent prayers for our brother in Christ, Larry.

God of our faith, our healing and our hope,
Open our hearts to you and to each other that Larry may know your love,
your blessing and your healing presence.
We reach out to Larry now and in the days ahead embracing him
with our prayers for God's peace, God's presence, and God's healing.
May the love of God lift him in spirit, in hope and in trust,
knowing that the peace of God is with him.
May we give thanks that the spirit of God is with us and within us all
and that we are a blessing to each other.
We await your presence, O God, to lift us in spirit
and that we remain channels of your love, in Jesus' name. Amen.