Dorchester United Church


Lay Worship Leader: Tabitha Carey
Candidate for Order of Ministry: Gabrielle Heidinger
Music Director: : Kathleen Hyde
Greeters : Bob and Marj MacMillan

Announcements December 29, 2019
Please join us for a time of refreshments and fellowship in the lower level of the sanctuary following the service.
1. PLEASE CONSIDER SIGNING UP TO GREET on a Sunday morning on the clipboard at the rear of the church. You are helping to make our congregation feel welcome to our worship service. Thank you.
2. PIES FOR SALE: Apple, blueberry, raspberry and cherry pies are available. Large frozen pies are $8 and small are $4. Please see Cathy for purchases.
3. POPCANS: Keep them coming! Cans can be dropped off at Ernie Reid's, 4356 Hamilton Road or left at the rear of the sanctuary.
4. EXPENSES: Please submit any outstanding 2019 Committee or Working Group expenses by Sunday, December 29th so that they can be recorded on the books for 2019.
5. OFFERINGS: For Tax Receipt purposes, all offerings for 2019 will be deposited by Tuesday, December 31st. Thank you for your generous support.
6. FINANCIAL INFORMATION: As of the end of November 2019, our weekly offerings are down from this time last year by 10.7%. In order to help support and sustain exciting new ideas and your DUC Board trusts that you will give prayerful thought to generously supporting through weekly and special offerings. Christmas offering envelopes can be found in the pews and at the back of the sanctuary. Many thanks for your financial contribution.
7. GABRIELLE WILL BE AWAY DEC. 27 - JAN. 3. Mary Dillon, from Reynolds Creek UC has kindly agreed to be "on call" should any Pastoral Care emergencies arise during this time. She can be reached at 519 455 7134. Lay Worship Leader: Tabitha Carey