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Message "AFU" Rev. Mark Perry

The December 4th, 2022 Dorchester Sunday Service will be available for your participation pleasure at 9:45 a.m.
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Lectionary Readings

December 4, Second Sunday of Advent, Year A
2 Isaiah 11:1–10 Psalm 72:1–7, 18–19 Romans 15:4–13 Matthew 3:1–12

December 11, Third Sunday of Advent, Year A
Isaiah 35:1-10; Psalm 146:5-10 OR Luke 1:47-55; James 5:7-10; Matthew 11:2-11

Minister and Pastoral Care
Rev. Mark Perry

Phone: (519)719-8079

Administrative Assistant: Dianne Timms
(519) 202-0106 Church office: (519) 268-3154

Music Director: Kathleen Hyde

The October 31st, 2022 Finacial Report is available under About - Financials above.

The Dorchester United Church will be holding Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services. Christmas Eve will begin at 7 p.m. and Christmas Day at 10 a.m. Both services will be in person only.

Last day for donations to be receipted for 2022 is Sunday, December 25th 2022

Masking and social distancing: The board feels that all are aware of the current risks and our best defense is to encourage everyone to understand and take their own precautions. While no mandates will be established all options will be available including masks at the entrance and continued support of the availability to worship from home. Your respect for all is encouraged.