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Minister's Message

As I write this message the summer weather which seemed to be determined to never leave us has suddenly been replaced by cold, windy and snowy weather. That is often how the seasons seem to change in the north, where Gwen and I lived for three years before coming to this area. In the church, we are about to enter a new season, moving suddenly from talking about Jesus' life and teachings to beginning to prepare for His Advent, for his coming to earth to be born in that simple stable in Bethlehem, all over again. If we already know from all our years as a Christian, why do we walk this walk to Bethlehem each year?

We do so because the season of Advent reminds us of the state of the world and creates in us a strong sense of expectation of the Joy, Peace, Love and Hope that Jesus brought into the world - that he is about to bring into the world again. We need to experience the expectation of His birth, of the promise of God to us being fulfilled in a way that has changed, and will continue to change, our lives forever.

As we journey toward the stable, as we wait for that special evening which we celebrate on December 24, as we consider the things in our world and in our individual lives that need to be addressed and changed, we develop a sense of longing. This sense of longing is for the Joy, Peace, Love and Hope that Mary's little baby will bring to us all. This sense of longing is for a better world, in which we will all experience the abundance of God's generosity and in which we can follow Jesus' teaching to overcome scarcity and the fear that comes with it through returning to the simple, enduring, but oh so very powerful message that comes into the world on Christmas Eve. So, my friends, as we journey together over the next four weeks, join us for our services, book study, prayers and singing as we seek out new meaning and purpose in our lives through the lens of seeing the world through the eyes of the Christ child - a world of awe, wonder, possibility and newness. A world where each of us can discover the miracle of the possible again.

May God bless you all on this wonderful journey into the mystery of God's presence, come among us in human form. Rev. Larry

The joy of togetherness,
the warmth of caring
and happy memories that linger long after the season has passed
May these be yours throughout the year and
may the gift of joy and
the blessing of peace
be with you this holiday season.

Blessings from the Official Board of Dorchester United Church--Mary, Alan, Betty, Sheila, Carol, Larry, Bob, Ernie, Wayne, Glenn, Marj, David and Rev. Larry

Calendar of Events

  • November 26th - Frozen Pie Pick Up, Craft & Bake Sale 9am - 1 pm
  • November 27th - 1st Advent Sunday & Sacrament of Holy Communion
  • Carol singing will start at 9:50 am each Advent Sunday
  • November 30th - Advent Book Study "Names for the Messiah" will begin at 2 pm.
  • December 3rd - Annual Christmas Dinner 6 pm - Tickets from Gord Lewis or Betty Crockett.
  • December 4th - 2nd Advent Sunday
    • 2pm Annual Ecumenical Service of Carols and Readings Dorchester Presbyterian Church
  • December 11th - 3rd Advent Sunday
  • December 18th - 4th Advent Sunday
    • 2pm Blue Christmas Service or the Longest Night Service. Please share this with your friends who may not be members of our congregation who you feel might also benefit.
  • December 24th - Christmas Eve Service of the congregation.
  • January 1st - Hymn Sing lead by members of the congregation.
  • January 2017 - Regular Services
  • Annual Meeting (Date has not been set as of printing time)

"Please consider contributing to the church using the attached Christmas Offering envelope, to support the work and running of the church. Our expenses continue to increase every year.

Also, please bring canned and dried foods as well as other necessities such as toothpaste, Kleenex and feminine hygiene products for the food bank collection boxes at the church, as we continue to support the much needed work of the Dorchester Food Bank."

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SERVING ON THE OFFICIAL BOARD ITSELF FOR 2017, please speak to Betty Crockett or Carol Reid.

IF YOU WOULD BE WILLING TO PARTICIPATE IN A WORKING GROUP over the next couple of months to do some visioning to create 4 proposals to be voted on at our annual meeting, please contact Rev . Larry, Mary Kaiser or Glen Baskerville


For Tickets call Gord Lewis - 519-268-7493 Betty Crockett - 519-268-0983